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The Structural Group, Ltd. was established in 1993 by Jan Blok.  Jan (pronounced John), prior to founding TSG, served at three of Chicago's most widely known and respected engineering design firms, Cohen-Barreto-Marchertas, Inc. (now known as Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers), A. Epstein & Sons International, and The Austin Company.  His extensive experience at these firms led him to an idea:  that each project should be approached not with preconceived solutions, but with a willingness to explore various ideas to create the most economical solution through a thorough understanding of all aspects that affect the economics of a structure.  These would include material costs, labor rates, construction techniques, feasibility of construction, and innovation.  Communication and close collaboration between owner, architect and engineer is viewed as fundamental. The result is structures that are economical, durable, efficient and aesthetically appealing, pleasing the diverse interests of all the parties involved in the conception and construction.

Since its founding, TSG has provided structural engineering services for a large variety of projects in numerous structural systems and materials.  This expertise in multiple mediums allows the firm to create unique, effective, and appealing structural solutions by utilizing innovative concepts and applying “standard practices” in new and thoughtful ways.

Projects have included public buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, commercial buildings, mixed-use buildings, industrial facilities, institutional buildings, houses of worship. The variety of projects has been matched only by the variety of structural systems, including structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry bearing, heavy timber, dimensional lumber, engineered wood, pre-cast concrete, structural glass, and light gage structural steel as isolated systems or in various combinations.