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The Structural Group is...

An award winning, full-service structural engineering firm providing services for owners, architects and contractors on new construction and renovation/restoration projects.  We provide consulting for commercial, multi-unit residential, institutional and industrial projects.  We work with our clients to develop creative designs that provide economical solutions.  We think out of the box.

We have a vast experience in renovation/restoration of buildings ranging in age from 10 to over 100 years old.  We have worked with numerous structural systems including cast iron, wrought iron, flat arch tile floors, timber arch, heavy timber post and beam framing, as well as conventional reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry and wood framed structures.

We emphasize constructability and practical solutions to engineering problems.  We endeavor to provide the most reasonable solution as seen through the eyes of a knowledgeable construction professional and we are always open to new ways of looking at problems.  Our staff has worked with some of the top engineering offices in Chicago and we maintain that higher level of quality.

Bring us in early.

Often the Structural Engineer is not brought into the design project during the time when many of the preliminary decisions affecting the layout of the project are made.  However, this is when the biggest impact towards meeting goals can be made, whether the project is design driven or budget driven.

Our early involvement can free the design team from misinformed or preconceived boundaries.  We thrive on design challenges and often offer our own unique possibilities to consider.

Involving us in the earliest planning stages can make a big impact on the construction budget.  Use our knowledge to develop the most efficient systems and maximize the performance of the structure.